The information hereafter is applicable only to the website, all other websites or links are excluded.

Pursuant to Art. 13 and 14 Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament, we inform you that your personal details will be treated according to principles of fairness and correctness, as prescribed by the governing laws.

We therefore inform you of the following:

SOURCE OF PERSONAL DETAILS (art.14 par.2 lett. f – Reg.UE 2016/679): we collect personal details of interested visitors therefore, in case you decide to contact us, we urge you to give us only your personal details, avoiding any reference to, or details of other people.

The details will be managed by ELICA ASM S.R.L. headquartered in Via della Tecnica 3/2 – 40050 – ARGELATO (BO)


The data processing connected to the services provided by this website is carried out at the company’s headquarter and only by technical personnel of the Office appointed to do so, or by personnel who is occasionally appointed to carry out maintenance operations.

Data derived by the web service is not communicated or published in any way.

Personal details, provided by users that subscribe to the personal area of the website, are used only to provide the requested service and are transferred to third parties only when doing so is necessary to provide such services.


Navigation Data.

The computers and software on which this website is run acquire, over time, some personal details which will be transmitted due to the nature of Internet communication protocols.

These are information that are not collected to be associated with a specific purpose, but due to their own nature could, through elaboration and association with data stored by third parties, allow the identification of users. Some examples of such data are IP addresses or computer names used by users that connect to the website, URI addresses, time of request, the request protocol, the size of the files obtained as an answer, the numerical code which indicates the type of reply form the server (error etc.) and other parameters related to the operating system of the user.

This data is used only to generate anonym statistical information about the website usage and to check the correct functioning of the site, the data is deleted immediately after the elaboration. The data could be used to track responsibilities in case of hypothetical cyber-crimes against the site: with the exception of this last case, at the moment the data connected to web contacts is not stored for more than seven days.


Voluntarily sending emails to the email addresses given on the website, through contact forms, means the user’s email address and other data included in the message is acquired in order to reply to the request.

Specific notices will be displayed on those webpages containing contact forms or other services which require the user to provide personal details.


No personal data is acquired by the website.

The Cookies on this website are not used to transmit personal data, “persistent cookies” or user tracking systems are also not used.

The use of “session cookies” (which are stored persistently on the user’s computer and are deleted when the browser is closed) is strictly limited to the transmission of session identifiers (made up of casual numbers generated by the server) necessary to allow a safe and efficient browsing. The use of session cookies avoids the use of other techniques that pose a potential risk to the privacy of users, and don’t allow the acquisition of personally identifiable data.


On top of what specified for navigation data, the user is free to provide personal details in the contact forms or through the office contacts in order to receive information, promotional material or other communications.

In case the user decides not to provide personal details, this could mean it is impossible to satisfy the request.

For completeness of information, we remind you that in selected cases (outside of the everyday management of this website), the Privacy Authority can request information to check the correct processing of personal data. In these cases, it is mandatory to reply.

Further information

  1. Data requested on this site belongs to the category of ordinary personal data (they are not special data according to Reg.UE n.2016/67) and the processing of such data will be carried out to:

1.1 execute your request and possible law-enforced obligations connected to it

1.2 send marketing material and commercial offers.

  1. The personal data you provide could be transmitted, for the above reasons, to relevant company departments and to the IT department for statistics.

  2. Your personal data will not be shared with other countries, except when doing so is necessary to carry out your request (e.g. in case we need to contact our foreign subsidiary). The possible sharing of data will be done in a way that guarantees your privacy and the protection of your data for organizational and administrative purposes.

  3. Your rights

At any point, you can ask the holder of data processing, information pertaining to the location and type of processing applied to your data, even when this happens abroad, on top obtaining a copy of your data. The request must be sent in a way that guarantees reception (e.g. certified email, certified post etc.).

You can ask the holder of data processing, the access, correction, deletion, limitation or refusal of processing and the portability of your data.

You can revoke the consent to data processing for specific reasons, and you can present your claim to the Authorities.

  1. Storage time and type of processing

Personal data is processed through automatically and strictly for the necessary time required to reach the goals for which the data has been acquired.

Specific security measures are observed to prevent data loss, illegal use and unauthorized access.

  1. Further information

Your data is necessary to execute the contract with the Holder of data processing. Not providing this data or your consent to process your data could make it impossible to execute the contract.

Your data could be processed electronically or in paper-form

Any communication or request concerning personal data protection, processing, deleting, correction, extraction etc. can be forwarded to the physical address of the Holder of data processing, or to the email address:

Yours Truly,