Privacy policy

The information hereafter is applicable only to the website, all other websites or links are excluded.

Pursuant to Art. 13 and 14 Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament, we inform you that your personal details will be treated according to principles of fairness and correctness, as prescribed by the governing laws.

We therefore inform you of the following:

SOURCE OF PERSONAL DETAILS (art.14 par.2 lett. f – Reg.UE 2016/679): we collect personal details of interested visitors therefore, in case you decide to contact us, we urge you to give us only your personal details, avoiding any reference to, or details of other people.

The details will be managed by ELICA ASM S.R.L. headquartered in Via della Tecnica 3/2 – 40050 – ARGELATO (BO)


The data processing connected to the services provided by this website is carried out at the company’s headquarter and only by technical personnel of the Office appointed to do so, or by personnel who is occasionally appointed to carry out maintenance operations.

Data derived by the web service is not communicated or published in any way.

Personal details, provided by users that subscribe to the personal area of the website, are used only to provide the requested service and are transferred to third parties only when doing so is necessary to provide such services.


Navigation Data.

The computers and software on which this website is run acquire, over time, some personal details which will be transmitted due to the nature of Internet communication protocols.

These are information that are not collected to be associated with a specific purpose, but due to their own nature could, through elaboration and association with data stored by third parties, allow the identification of users. Some examples of such data are IP addresses or computer names used by users that connect to the website, URI addresses, time of request, the request protocol, the size of the files obtained as an answer, the numerical code which indicates the type of reply form the server (error etc.) and other parameters related to the operating system of the user.

This data is used only to generate anonym statistical information about the website usage and to check the correct functioning of the site, the data is deleted immediately after the elaboration. The data could be used to track responsibilities in case of hypothetical cyber-crimes against the site: with the exception of this last case, at the moment the data connected to web contacts is not stored for more than seven days.


Voluntarily sending emails to the email addresses given on the website, through contact forms, means the user’s email address and other data included in the message is acquired in order to reply to the request.

Specific notices will be displayed on those webpages containing contact forms or other services which require the user to provide personal details.


No personal data is acquired by the website.

The Cookies on this website are not used to transmit personal data, “persistent cookies” or user tracking systems are also not used.

The use of “session cookies” (which are stored persistently on the user’s computer and are deleted when the browser is closed) is strictly limited to the transmission of session identifiers (made up of casual numbers generated by the server) necessary to allow a safe and efficient browsing. The use of session cookies avoids the use of other techniques that pose a potential risk to the privacy of users, and don’t allow the acquisition of personally identifiable data.


On top of what specified for navigation data, the user is free to provide personal details in the contact forms or through the office contacts in order to receive information, promotional material or other communications.

In case the user decides not to provide personal details, this could mean it is impossible to satisfy the request.

For completeness of information, we remind you that in selected cases (outside of the everyday management of this website), the Privacy Authority can request information to check the correct processing of personal data. In these cases, it is mandatory to reply.

Further information

Data requested on this site belongs to the category of ordinary personal data (they are not special data according to Reg.UE n.2016/67) and the processing of such data will be carried out to:

1.1 execute your request and possible law-enforced obligations connected to it

1.2 send marketing material and commercial offers.

The personal data you provide could be transmitted, for the above reasons, to relevant company departments and to the IT department for statistics.

Your personal data will not be shared with other countries, except when doing so is necessary to carry out your request (e.g. in case we need to contact our foreign subsidiary). The possible sharing of data will be done in a way that guarantees your privacy and the protection of your data for organizational and administrative purposes.

Your rights

At any point, you can ask the holder of data processing, information pertaining to the location and type of processing applied to your data, even when this happens abroad, on top obtaining a copy of your data. The request must be sent in a way that guarantees reception (e.g. certified email, certified post etc.).

You can ask the holder of data processing, the access, correction, deletion, limitation or refusal of processing and the portability of your data.

You can revoke the consent to data processing for specific reasons, and you can present your claim to the Authorities.

Storage time and type of processing

Personal data is processed through automatically and strictly for the necessary time required to reach the goals for which the data has been acquired.

Specific security measures are observed to prevent data loss, illegal use and unauthorized access.

Further information

Your data is necessary to execute the contract with the Holder of data processing. Not providing this data or your consent to process your data could make it impossible to execute the contract.

Your data could be processed electronically or in paper-form

Any communication or request concerning personal data protection, processing, deleting, correction, extraction etc. can be forwarded to the physical address of the Holder of data processing, or to the email address:

Yours Truly,



Cookie Policy

Cookie usage on this site
Cookie usage on this site will be described in this cookie policy. Before doing so, we would like to note that the use of so-called session cookies (which are not stored permanently on the user’s computer and disappear when the browser is closed) allows the transmission of session identifiers (made up of random numbers generated by the server), which are required for the safe and efficient exploration of the site.
The so-called session cookies used on this site do not utilise other IT techniques that could potentially compromise the browsing privacy of users and do not permit the acquisition of the user’s personal identifying data.

What is a cookie?
In order to provide you with all the relevant information concerning cookies and their use, even if only potential, and to make you aware of how to change your browser settings for cookie usage, we ask that you read this detailed description.

Browser cookies:
Cookies are packets of information that the website places on your browsing device when you visit a page. They may involve the transmission of information between the website and your device, or between your device and other websites that work on our behalf or privately, in accordance with the corresponding privacy policy. We may use cookies to group the information that we collect about you. You can decide whether to receive a notification every time that a cookie is sent or to disenable all cookies by changing the settings on your browser. However, disenabling cookies may mean that some of our services will not function correctly and you will not be able to have access to numerous functions that have been designed in order to optimise your browsing experience on the website. For more information on how to manage or disable browser cookies, please consult the last section of this Cookie Policy.
We use various kinds of cookies that have different functions. In regards to technical cookies, we may use proprietary persistent cookies and session cookies for the sole purpose of aiding efficient site navigation. Periodically we may publish an updated table indicating the type of cookies used and useful references to make you aware of the specific purposes of use.
Here is a summarised description of the main types of technologically feasible cookies.

1. Strictly necessary cookies (technical cookies)
These cookies are fundamental in order to be able to browse the website and utilise some of its functions. Without cookies that are strictly necessary, online services that are normally offered by the site could become inaccessible if their provision is based exclusively on these kinds of cookies. In fact, this kind of cookies allows the user to browse efficiently between pages on the website and to use the different options and services offered. For example, cookies allow for a session to be identified, reserved areas to be accessed, for elements making up a previously formulated request to be saved, for a purchase order to be completed or a quote to be memorised.
Consent is not required for technical cookies, as they are essential to assuring the requested services. It is possible to block or remove technical cookies by changing the settings in your browser, if the cookies are disabled or deleted. However, by carrying out these steps you may not be able to access certain areas of the website or to utilise some of the offered services.
For more information we would like to refer you again to the privacy policy found on the site.

2. Performance cookies (analytics cookies)
We (or service providers that operate on our behalf) may place performance cookies on your browsing device. The information gathered via performance cookies is used exclusively by us or on our behalf.
Performance cookies collect anonymous information about the way in which users utilise the website and its various functions. For example, our performance cookies collect information concerning the web pages that you visit most often and about our advertisements that appear on other websites that you interact with, as well as verifying whether you open or read communications we send you and if you receive error messages. The information collected may be used to personalise your online experience by showing you specific content. Performance cookies are also used to limit the number of times you see the same advertisement. Our performance cookies do not collect personal information.
A link to our Cookie Policy is available on the website. By continuing to use this website and its functions, you are authorising us (and advertisers external to this website) to place performance cookies on your browsing device.
To delete or manage performance cookies, please consult the last section of this Cookie Policy.
In particular, the website uses Google Analytics, which is an analysis tool from Google that helps website and app owners to understand how visitors interact with their content. Google may use a set of cookies to collect information and generate usage statistics for the website without personally identifying the single visitors.
In addition to generating reports on the usage statistics of the websites, the tag pixel of Google Analytics may be used, together with other cookies used for advertising that have been described above, to allow us to show the most relevant results on Google owned sites (like Google Search) and throughout the web.
For more information you can visit this website Analytics cookies and privacy.

3. Functional cookies (profiling cookies)
We reserve the right to use the functional cookies that are placed in your browsing device for ourselves (or service providers that work on our behalf). If we were to use these cookies, in no instance would we share the information gathered via the functional cookies for any advertisers or third parties.
These cookies are used to store choices you have made (language preference, country or other online settings) and to provide personalised or optimised functions selected by the user. Functional cookies may be used to provide you with online services or to avoid offering you services that you have refused in the past.
Moreover, we would like to inform you that it is technically possible to authorise advertisers or third parties to supply content and other online experiences via this website. In this instance, the third party in question could place its own functional cookies on your device and make use of them, in the same way as us, in order to provide you with personalised functions and to optimise your user experience. By selecting personalised options or settings or optimised functions you are authorising us to use the functional cookies needed to offer you these experiences.
Deleting functional cookies, preferences or selected settings means these will not be saved for future visits.
In the instance that third party cookies were to be used, we reserve the right to explain the links to the privacy policies prepared by said third parties in detail.
The site may use remarketing tools from third parties. In this instance some of the pages on the site may include a code defined as a “remarketing code”. This code allows browser cookies to be read and configured so that the kind of advertisement you will see can be determined, based on the data concerning your visit to the site, such as the navigation route chosen, the pages you actually visited or the actions carried out on said pages.
The remarketing lists that are created are kept in a database on Google servers where all the IDs of the cookies associated to every list or category of interest is kept. The information obtained only allows for the browser to be identified, due to the fact that third parties are not able to identify the user with this information.
These tools allow for personalised advertisements to be published based on user visits to our site.
Authorisation for the collection and storage of data may be withdrawn at any time. Users may disable cookie usage from Google via the specific setting options on the different browsers.

Enabling/disabling cookies via your browser
There are various ways to manage cookies and other tracking technologies. By changing your browser settings you can accept or refuse cookies or decide to receive a notification message before accepting a cookie from the websites you visit. We would like to remind you that by completely disabling cookies in your browser you may no longer be able to use all of our interactive functions.
If you use several computers with different settings, ensure that every browser is set up in such a way as to meet your preferences.
You can delete all the cookies installed in the cookie folder on your browser. Every browser has different procedures for managing settings. Click on one of the links below to get specific instructions.

Disabling Cookies
You will find information on disabling cookies on your browser in this section. We would like to remind you that some parts of the website may not function correctly if you disable cookies.
If you do not find your browser listed below, please consult the instructions given on your browser concerning cookie management.

Internet Explorer version 6 or higher
• Select “Tools” in your browser bar
• Select “Internet Options”
• Select the “Privacy” tab and then click on “Advanced”
• Select “Override automatic cookie handling”
• Disable “first-party cookies” by selecting the “Block” tab
• Disable “third-party cookies” by selecting the “Block” tab
• Disable “session cookies” by deselecting “Always allow session cookies”
• Click “OK”

Firefox version 9 or higher
• Select “Tools” in your browser bar
• Select “Options”
• Select “Privacy”
• Choose the drop-down menu in the “Chronology” section and select “use personalised settings”
• Disable cookies by deselecting “Accept cookies from websites”
• Click “OK”

Google Chrome version 24 or higher
• Select “Chrome Menu” in your browser bar
• Select “settings”
• Select “Show advanced settings”
• Click on “Content settings” in the “Privacy” section
• Disable all cookies by selecting “Block sites from setting any data” and “Block third party cookies and site data”
• Click “OK” if you do not use any of the browsers listed above, select “cookie” in the corresponding section in the guide to discover where to find your cookie folder.

Deleting Flash cookies
Click on the link that follows to change your settings concerning Flash cookies.

Disabling Flash cookies

Enabling and disabling cookies

In addition to being able to use the tools provided by the browser to enable or disable individual cookies, we would like to note that the site offers a list of the main providers that work with website manager to collect and utilise useful information for behavioural advertising. You can disable or enable all the companies or, alternately, adjust your preferences individually for each company. In order to do so you can use the tool that you will find on the page to check your preferences on behavioural advertising.

Further information relevant to cookies is available on the following sites: