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“EUREKA” (from Greek: Εύρηκα) is an interjection used to express triumph on a discovery! It is a transliteration of an exclamation attributed to the ancient Greek mathematician and inventor Archimedes. The ever-stringent quality standards are creating new technical challenges for big and small businesses alike. Helping our customers increase final quality has been the main drive behind the development of ELICA ASM’s sorting technology and lead to the creation of a new optical sorting machine, designed specifically to meet the requirements of low throughput lines and laboratory applications by means of a smart and cost-effective solution: the EASM EUREKA.

Compact and Movable

The compact size makes EUREKA easy to handle by a single operator,without additional mechanical structures or conveyors. It is a fully-fledged optical sorter, that allows very quick Plug&Play operations.
EUREKA can be easily moved and optionally mounted on a fitting cart-kit, equipped with collection drawers.

Special purpose design

EUREKA has been specifically designed to grant extremely high precision in objects and defects detection. It can efficiently handle a range of throughputs from a few grams up to some hundred kilos per hour, always with a great sorting accuracy. Being a unique solution in the optical sorting market, EUREKA opens new possibilities to discover, qualify and sort materials and thanks to its advanced technology it enables industries to cope successfully with the challenges of quality improvement, quality control and laboratory research.

Total accuracy

We developed a completely new optical processing architecture called Logic, which is the heart of the machine. This is a combination of very powerful hardware and advanced software algorithms, that closely mimic how the human brain processes visual information. EUREKA judges many different parameters at the same time, including colors, textures, shapes and size. Because EUREKA judges all these parameters as a whole, rather than one by one, it enables product control and qualification and provides users a competitive edge in improving quality processes.

Tap to sort: create a sorting program in 5 minutes

Thanks to the Intelligent-Learning System, creating a program is as simple as taking a snapshot of a contaminated product sample. The machine takes a picture of the product as it falls, the user can thentap with a finger the defects to be removed. EUREKA does the rest, by dynamically creating the correct sorting program in order to achieve the best sorting results.

Performance features

  • Compact and movable concept
  • High-Resolution cameras with True-Color image processing technology and Color Cloud breakdown
  • Advanced SWIR infra-red sensor to sort defects based on physical and organic characteristics
  • Unique detection and sorting resolution thanks to the special inner design
  • True-Shape technology differentiates objects and defects by shape, size and texture at high speed
  • High-speed detection thanks to a dedicated and upgradable image processing architecture
  • Sniper Ejector Logic reduces product loss to a bare minimum by dynamically adjusting ejector activity according to contaminant type
  • IP65 rating, for the highest protection against dust and projected water, which ensures reliability in the most demanding environments
  • Fully designed and manufactured in Italy
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