The Labseed 1000 is the smallest optical sorting machine on the market today. It can easily sort very small samples, from just a few grams, up to 25-30 Kg/h, thanks to its very high-resolution cameras, it allows the detection of extremely small defects. The ejector spacing of just 2.5mm allows for maximum precision when sorting small objects, with minimal loss of good product. The easy-to-use software allows the user to create and store hundreds of sorting programs and the machine is designed to be extremely easy to clean and to avoid cross-contamination between samples. The Labseed 1000 is the perfect solution for laboratories and small producers.

Built to sort small quantities

The Labseed 1000 is designed specifically to be able to handle very small quantities and allow the user to create sorting programs with just a few seeds. Something that would be impossible on regular-sized sorting machines.


The Labseed 1000 can stand on a desk and only requires electricity and compressed air to run. Product samples can be easily loaded and recovered by a single person without using any tools, ladders or external machinery. For a complete solution, a wheeled cart with collection trays is available as an option.

Performance feature

  • High-Resolution monochromatic cameras are the perfect solution to provide ease of use and performance on a wide number of seed and grain sorting applications.
  • The small size makes it comfortable for use by a single operator, without the need of additional mechanical structures or conveyors.
  • 2.5mm ejector spacing reduces product loss to a bare minimum, for precise sorting of small samples
  • Easy to use software
  • Fully designed and manufactured in Italy
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