The powder insight unit

Thanks to innovative and powerful technologies, this unit makes possible to analyze powders and detect very small defects, by color, size and shape.
ASM has developed a distinctive product, pretty different to all other models currently in its portfolio. PowTest works on a free fall architecture base, providing a completely new and unique tool for quality control to users that had much slower and ineffective solutions so far.

Distinctive design for powder inspection

PowTest implements a fully innovative concept for optical analysis of powder and it has been specifically designed to grant extremely high precision in batches inspection. Its special feeding and optical system is a patent-pending design for fine products handling and examination. It combines a free-fall architecture with a vibrating feeder able to distribute the powder in a fine and even layer coupled with an optical system capable to inspect thoroughly the product. Being a unique concept on the market, PowTest opens new possibilities to detect, count and qualify defects: thanks to its advanced technology it enables industries to cope successfully with the challenges of quality improvement, quality control and laboratory research.

Compact and Mobile

PowTest can be easily moved and settled on its leveling caster wheels. The compact size makes PowTest easy to handle by a single operator, who works at ease thanks to an ergonomic design and optimal comfort in all the detection running phases. It is a fully-fledged detection unit, that allows very quick Plug&Play operations, without need of additional mechanical structures or conveyors.

Simplified user interface

Product live images
Contaminated milk powder
Real-time results display

Total detection accuracy

With a combination of powerful computing platform and advanced software algorithms, PowTest processes visual information of fine products with both simplicity and accuracy, even going beyond the performance of human eyes and brain. PowTest evaluates many different parameters at the same time, including colors, shape and size. Because PowTest judges all these parameters as a whole, rather than one by one, it enables extensive product detection and qualification so that users are provided with a competitive edge in improving quality control.

Tap to sort: create a detection program in a few minutes

The new user interface has been designed with simplicity in mind, using key features as:

  • Automatic learning system
  • Simple controls for basic users
  • Instant visual feedback during recipe creation

Thanks to the Intelligent-Learning System, creating a program is as simple as taking a snapshot of a contaminated product sample. The machine takes a picture of the product as it falls and the user can then decide which defects shall be considered in the analysis. PowTest does the rest, by dynamically detecting, counting and qualifying each defect even smaller than 0,3 mm and real-time displaying the detection results.

Performance features

  • Special design for powder handling aimed to optical examination (patent pending)
  • Compact and mobile concept on a fitting cart, distinctively streamlined to Lab researches
  • Unique detection, counting and qualifying of defects even smaller than 0,3 mm providing size range characterization
  • True-color camera technology with distinctive shape algorithms and 3D color-space mapping extremely accurate
  • Real-time display and report, allowing an immediate perception of the detection results
  • Proprietary future-proof software, with dedicated structure and features, upgradable with further releases
  • New user-friendly HMI, with intelligent-learning features allowing program creation in a few minutes
  • Fully designed in Italy
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