The Intelligent optical sorter

The ever-stringent quality standards are creating new technical challenges for big and small businesses alike. Helping our customers increase final quality has been the main drive behind the development of Elica ASM’s sorting technology and lead to the creation of an entirely new optical sorting machine, designed specifically to meet the new challenges in quality control: the Elica ASM QUASAR.

Absolute accuracy

We developed a completely new optical processing architecture called Logic, which is the heart of the machine. This is a combination of very powerful hardware and advanced software algorithms, that closely mimic how the human brain processes visual information. QUASAR judges many different parameters at the same time, including colors, textures, shapes and size. Because QUASAR judges all of these parameters as a whole, rather than one by one, it is very accurate in deciding what to keep or reject, and incredibly easy to use.

Simplified user interface

Tap to sort: create a sorting program in 5 minutes

Thanks to the Intelligent-Learning System, creating a program is as simple as taking a snapshot of a contaminated product sample.

The machine takes a picture of the product as it falls, the user can then tap with a finger the defects to be removed. QUASAR does the rest,

by dynamically creating the correct sorting parameters in order to achieve the best sorting results.

Higher throughput, increased yield

QUASAR has the widest chutes on the market, paired with lightning-fast processing speed and unprecedented ejector accuracy. It can sort even the smallest products with minimal false rejects. Available in models from 1 up to 6 chutes, to satisfy any production need.

Minimal operational costs

Quality construction, energy-efficiency, ease of use and incredible accuracy: these are the qualities that make QUASAR a leader not only in performance, but in cost-effectiveness too.

QUASAR provides a higher yield, higher throughput and increased up-time in a single, reliable sorting solution.

Performance features

  • High-Resolution cameras with True-Color image processing technology
  • Advanced SWIR infra-red sensors can sort defects based on physical and organic characteristics
  • True-Shape technology differentiates objects by shape and size, at high speed.
  • Higher throughput thanks to a dedicated, upgradable optical processing architecture with high-speed image analysis
  • Sniper Ejector Logic reduces product loss to a bare minimum by dynamically adjusting ejector activity according to contaminant type.
  • Even easier to use, with a new user interface and intelligent-learning features
  • IP65 rating, fully dust-proof and water resistant, built for reliability in the most demanding environments
  • Fully designed in Italy
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