Proven performance and great flexibility

The Vision is a proven and versatile optical sorter. Available in several configurations, including Full-Color, Tri-Chromatic and Multi-Spectral, and with a wide range of options. Customers can focus on what they really need and tailor the machine to their precise requirements, saving on options and components they wouldn’t use. With more than 600 machines in operation all around the world, and constant upgrades, Vision sorters are a solid and proven choice for more than 100 different applications.


The Vision series is built for 24/7 continuous operation, with top-quality and durable components developed and produced exclusively for ELICA ASM in Italy. ASM Optical Sorters are certified IP6X and are 100% dust proof. This is possible thanks to the special temperature-control system and energy-efficient components that reduce heat, and allow the Vision to work from 0ºC to 40º C without any additional cooling or heating. All optical and electronic components are protected inside pressurized optical boxes, without any exchange of air with the outside, ensuring years of trouble-free operation.

A wide range of applications

The Vision series is used on more than 100 applications, from cereals to seeds, salt to pet-food. Users can process many different products, on the same machine, just by changing the sorting program. They can easily create and save up to 150 different sorting programs, containing all necessary settings, and each machine can be upgraded by adding cameras (up to 4 per chute), in any combination of Full-Color, Monochromatic, NIR InGaAs or Low-NIR. A choice of specialized or multi-purpose chutes is also available, to maximize product flow and performance.

Performance features

  • High-Resolution Full-Color, Monochromatic and NIR cameras, with optical resolutions up to 0.09mm.
  • High capacity 360mm chutes, with 72 high-speed ejectors each.
  • High-speed DSP processors with scan rate of 24KHz.
  • Easy to use touch-screen interface with auto-calibration and remote assistance.
  • IP6X certified, fully dust proof, doesn’t require any cooling or heating from 0ºC up to 40ºC.
  • Only high-quality components, designed and manufactured in Europe.
  • Fully designed and manufactured in Italy
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